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Webs Tip: Bandwidth


Today I wanted to give you something different in our blog and talk a bit about Bandwidth. Sounds like a scary techy word, but I assure you, it is not as scary as you might think.

OK, let’s break it down…

What is Bandwidth?

Bandwidth is a representation of the amount of things (photos, videos, etc) that your site can serve up to your visitors.  In other words, bandwidth is the rate at which data from your website transfers to your site visitors.

For example, if a visitor views a picture that is 100KB in size, that will use 100kb of your monthly bandwidth.

Why Should You Care?

It is important to keep an eye on how much bandwidth your website uses because depending on your account status, if you run out of it, you run the risk of getting your website frozen for the remainder of the month.

How to Monitor Usage?

We provide an easy to check-on monitoring gauge on your that shows the amount of bandwidth you have used up this month.  It is important to note that your bandwidth meter automatically resets every month.  Each user gets a unique reset date, based on the date you registered with Webs.

Need More Bandwidth?

No problem. We provide you with couple of options to gain additional bandwidth.

1. – Upgrading to a premium account will give you additional bandwidth space

2. – You can earn Webs Credits and use them to get additional bandwidth without paying for full premium package.

Hope this helps you understand bandwidth better. Would love to know what you think of this post!

Until Next time – Happy Site Building!


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