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Drive Traffic to Your Website with Custom Display Ads


“Consumers spend 5% of their time online searching while the other 95% is spent browsing. Don’t wait for customers to search – bring them right to you.”

Help make your website stand out from the rest. Take advantage of online advertising by promoting your website using custom display ads. No need t hire a designer to create custom flash ads for you!


How does it work?

1. iPromotes’ sophisticated tool automatically scrubs your website and generates 5 different visual ads to help you promote your site.

2. Choose the size of the ad you wish to use and where you want it to display online.

3. That’s it!

Promote your site to more than 50 million people across hundreds of websites. With this service you’re always in full control of how the campaign progresses, where your ads are displayed and how they look.

Bonus: you only pay when people click on your ads, not when they’re shown.

Until next time,

Happy Site Building!

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