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9 Recommended Pages for a Successful Business Site


Now that we’ve discussed, let’s take a look at some essential pages that every business site needs:

  1. A home page is a crucial part of any site, yet many times website builders don’t spend enough time on the home page. A home page should show off everything that your business is about. Because this is the page that almost all visitors will visit first, you need it to make a big impression. It’s important to remember that you don’t get a second chance to make a first impression. The home page is the hub of your website; make sure that you link back to your home page on other pages so that visitors don’t get lost browsing your site.
  2. Contact page is another must-have page on a website. You want your visitors and potential customers to have an easy way to contact you with any questions. Make sure you list all the different ways of contacting you, whether it be email, phone, address, Twitter, or Facebook. The more platforms you offer to visitors, the more options they have to contact you. If you need help managing all of the contacts you amass, try out our app! Not sure if you should Tweet for business? .
  3. About us is another important page to have. All customers are concerned with the identity of a business and an About Us page is a great place to put an overview of your business’ history, policies, and philosophies. What visitors see on this page gives a lot of insight into your company and can provide a great way to build credibility.

Now, depending on the purpose of your site, and your specific situation, there are several other pages you should consider adding. Here are some examples of pages that almost every business site needs:

  1. A Blog can be a huge asset to any site. Consider this: for the most part, your business site will remain the same for long periods of time, so what is going to give visitors a reason to come back and check-out your site for updates? Blogs can remedy this problem by producing fresh content on regular basis. Blog posts are also a great way to let your visitors know about any changes, updates, or events going on. All in all, blogs are a great tool in driving traffic to your site and converting visitors to loyal users.
  2. Web Store is an obvious choice if your business is involved with ecommerce. A good web store will organize and display all of your products with useful item descriptions. Make sure it is easy to browse through and visitors can find what they want easily.
  3. Location information is essential if you have a physical location for your business. Not only does it direct people to your physical storefront, but it also gives your site some credibility. Through our , you can help your visitors get directions to your place as well as sign up for a toll free number that customers can call.
  4. Testimonials or reviews are a great way to attract new customers. If you have existing customers willing to give a good testimonial, or if you have existing reviews on other sites like Google or Yelp, let everybody know how good of a job you are doing!
  5. FAQs or Frequently Asked Questions is a nice page to have for your visitors to find answers to any common questions about your product or service. Having this page can also cut down on phone calls and emails, saving you time and money. If you don’t have any ideas on what questions to ask here, just put yourself in your customer’s shoes and pretend as if you have no prior information about the product you are selling.
  6. Terms of Service is a good way to outline all of your business practices. You can list here your policies on returns, refunds, and guarantees. This is a great way to legally protect yourself, and if you need help writing one, we have a free that can assist you.

If you can incorporate as many of these elements into your business website, then there is no doubt that your site will have a strong foundation. Remember that each site needs to be tailored to your customers and should represent your business as best as possible.

It might seem like a lot, but if you take it step by step, you will have yourself an irresistible business site in no time! Good luck, and remember that Webs has your back!

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