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How to Use Facebook to Promote Your Site


In 2010, boasted over 500 million active users, and about half of their active users sign on each day. That is a huge amount of people who could potentially look at your site. This makes Facebook a great way to publicize your website and to help you get more traffic.

So, how do you start promoting your website on Facebook? Facebook offers a range of site-promotion features, but today we’re going to focus on the free and simple steps you can take to start publicizing your site on Facebook.

Step 1: Determine your audience

Think about the topic of your website. Now, determine who is most likely to be interested in your topic. Do you have any content that you think this target audience would find particularly interesting? Good: now keep in mind that these are the people that you need to connect with on Facebook.

Step 2: Create a Fan Page for your website

Not to be confused with your profile page, fan pages are public pages that many businesses use to have a presence on Facebook. Instead of connecting you with “friends,” Pages amass “fans” that you can keep in contact with. The biggest benefit of having a page is that it is indexed by Google and it available to view even if you are not logged into Facebook. This makes promoting the page a whole lot easier. Another great thing about pages is that pages are much more customizable than profiles.  You can integrate html, flash, or even certain Facebook apps onto your page to create more interest.

So how do you create a fan page? Follow these simple steps:

  1. Visit the Facebook page
  2. Choose the appropriate category that fits what you want to promote (Tip: If you don’t see your website fitting into any of these categories, choose “Cause of Community” since you will be building a community around your website)
  3. Fill out the information, being very careful about the name of your page since you will not be able to change it. When you are done, accept the Facebook Pages Terms and click “Get Started”
  4. Fill in the basic information. Upload your logo. Provide a brief summary of your company. Link to your website.
  5. Ta-da! You’ve now made a basic fan page. Feel free to add content to create a richer experience for visitors!

Step 3: Create a Welcome Tab to greet new visitors

You’ve probably noticed that some Facebook Pages don’t follow the same, generic layout that most pages seem to have (ie: ). These pages are examples of the customization you can do on fan pages (as we mentioned in our last Facebook post). The advantage of a welcome tab is that it lets you tell your business’s story through photos, videos, and text, rather than boring new visitors on arrival with the less interesting and generic-looking Wall tab. By greeting visitors with a welcoming, unique, and stunning tab, you’ll gain more fans.

To create your own customizable welcome tab for your Facebook Page, you’re going to need an app to help you. There are a bunch of apps out there, but one of the easiest (not to mention free) services to use is called . Just sign up and follow the instructions and you’ll have your own snazzy welcome tab published on your Facebook Page in no time.

Step 4: Spread the word about your Page

Now that your Page is decked out and ready to be shared with the world, you’re going to have to do some promoting. Unlike Events or Groups, you can’t invite all of your friends to a fan page automatically. Instead, on the left hand side of your page, there is a link that says “Share”. By clicking on this link, a message will appear on your profile and your friends’ newsfeeds about your page. Another way to promote your Page is to become fans of similar Pages or join similar groups and share a link there. Remember: be smart and don’t overdo your promoting or else you will seem spammy and drive visitors away.

Step 5: ENJOY & Interact!

One of the greatest aspects of Facebook is its ability to connect your page to users. Make sure to retain those connections by interacting on your page and keeping the conversation going. Don’t be afraid to spark discussions or respond to comments on your page’s wall. Don’t forget that your Facebook fan page is an extension of your website, which means you want to make sure both are updated regularly. Most importantly, don’t forget to have fun along the way!

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