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Social Buttons and You!


Have you ever wished that more people would read  an amazing blog post you wrote? Or maybe you took a hilarious picture of your cat that the world needs to see? Well, worry no more because with the help of Webs’ social buttons your cat could have his own fan-made auto-tuned remix in no time.

Just What are Social Buttons?

Social buttons are links that you can place on your website (usually after some content) that let your visitors share that content with their friends with the click of a button. Here at Webs, we are introducing two new social buttons, Twitter and Google, as well as a revamped Facebook button. Using these social buttons can help increase website traffic and increase your SEO ranking.

The Facebook “Like” Button

As you all know, the “Like” button on Facebook is a way for people to show their appreciation for a friend’s status update or picture. Now, though, you can have this button placed anywhere on the web so that Facebookers can share content to Facebook from anywhere! When a site visitor presses this button, a message will be displayed on their Facebook profile as well as on their friends’ walls, giving your link tons of visibility.

We’ve updated our Facebook “Like” button with even more features than before. Now you have the option of having the button “like” a specific URL rather than the web address  of the page the button is currently sitting on. This is great for adding a button next to a link you want to spread. Simply type in the URL of the link you want people to like and you are done (note: if this field is left blank, the web address that the button appears on will be what is “liked”).

You now also have the option to place a “Send” button next to the “Like” button which allows visitors to send the link to a specific person. Our new widget comes with three different layouts: the small button and box layouts work great after page content, whereas the standard layout looks awesome in a sidebar.

*Please note that Facebook Connect must be activated to use this widget.

Twitter “Tweet” Button

The “Tweet” social button is an easy way for your followers to tweet about your site or content on your site. Simply place the “Tweet” button on your page; when visitors click the button they will be connected to Twitter and will see a premade message that they can tweet to their followers in seconds.

The “Tweet” button is packed with features as well: you can change the layout, edit the premade text for the tweet, and even recommend up to two people for the visitor to follow. The “Tweet” button has the same feature as the Facebook “Like” button where the URL that is to be tweeted can be different from the URL on which the button is placed. If you leave the URL field blank, the widget will automatically use the URL of the page it is embedded in.

For those of you who want your site to be connected to Twitter, but don’t yet have any site content to share, we also have a “Follow” social button that lets visitors follow you with a simple click.

Google “+1” Button

The Google “+1” button is our newest social button. By clicking on this button, site visitors can relay to their Google contacts that the content they are +1-ing , is really interesting. Then, the next time any of their contacts are searching using Google, they will be able to see that your content was +1’d, making your content more appealing! This is a great way to drum up more interest in your site. Adding a +1 button is really simple and just requires you to select the button’s size and style, and to decide what URL (be it your homepage, blog app or a specific blog post) you want +1’d. Once again, if you leave the URL field blank, the widget will automatically use the URL of the page it is on.

So what now?

The next time you are adding content to your page, whether it be a new item to your online store, a new blog post, or a new podcast, consider adding social buttons to the page (you can add just one—or all three!). Just remember that social buttons alone cannot catapult your site into the spotlight. It all starts with quality content. If your content is great, and if you make sharing your content easy, your visitors will be singing your praises on Facebook, Twitter, and Google before you know it.

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