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How to Use Videos to Drive Traffic to Your Website


Has a friend ever sent you a link to a funny or interesting YouTube video? The ease with which videos are shared among friends, family, and coworkers is one of the reasons why video marketing is the next big trend. Not only are videos more entertaining and engaging than text, they also increase SEO rankings. According to Forrester Research, video increases a web page’s likelihood for a front-page Google search result by 96 percent.

Nowadays, videos have become the next great way to give your website, and your company, a strong online presence. Here are some ways in which you can use videos to brand your company and drive traffic to your site:


How-to videos are a great way to increase traffic to your site. Let us take, for example, a company that sells art supplies. The company could create a video on how to mix paints and post it to their website. This video would definitely be of interest to their current customers, who could link the helpful video to their artist friends, who will in turn link the video to their friends.

The company’s video will also show up on search engines when people search for “how to mix paint,” which attracts completely new visitors to their site. People who are being linked to your videos will not only receive helpful information, but will also be exposed to your brand and your product. This will increase sales and bolster your brand’s reputation.


Another great idea is to conduct video interviews. Sit down with one of your employees and interview them about some aspect of the company, whether it is the company’s history, upcoming releases, etc. Take a look at that Webs created, centered on how the company originated. By interviewing employees, you are giving your company a personality, and building a relationship with your clients. Visitors  gain insight into how your company works, and thus become more likely to trust you and your product.

You can also opt to interview an expert related to your field of work. This provides the audience with valuable information that they’ll want to pass around to their friends. It also sneds the message that you are not simply interested in selling things to your visitors, but are genuinely interested in helping them. This is great for company humanization.


Does your company host or participate in events? These events provide great footage. For example, say your company hosts a sampling event at a concert. You could bring a camera  and film snippets from the concert and also of customers sampling at your booth. You may also want to include video of a few happy customers giving brief testimonials.  Not only will the video help you with future marketing efforts, but it will also show that you are engaged with your community.

You may also choose to showcase speeches given by your company’s employees. Be sure to cut the speech down to two or three minute segments. This is a great way to show off your company’s expertise and reliability..

Video Blogging

Video blogging is another great idea. Again, this adds a little personality to your company and also allows you to keep your clients up to date. You can  showcase any of the cool things you’ve done related to the company, such as a trip to a big trade show, or a mountain-climbing adventure to discover ingredients for a product.

Product Showcases

Another way to use video is to showcase your product. Highlight features of your product that set you apart from the competitor. If you own a service, show how your service is different from others. You can also give them tips on how to use the product more effectively and info on cool features they might not currently utilize.

Final Tips

Now that you have a couple of ideas under your belt for what to include in your videos, here are a few final tips:

  • Create videos that are of good quality. Granted, you don’t need to go out and purchase professional software and an HD camera to make your videos, but make sure they are, at the very least, well lit and not grainy.
  • Title your video with something short and descriptive, and also ensure that its description is accurate to improve SEO.
  • Create videos that are relatively short. Though video is more engaging than text, it can only keep a visitor’s attention for so long.
  • Produce new videos every so often. Just as with blogs, keeping your videos up-to-date is great for SEO and generating a stronger fan base.

Creating and posting videos will  increase traffic to your site and increase exposure of your brand. Webs is practicing what we preach. Check out our videos about how to to your video gallery, how to to your videos, and how to to your blog.


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