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Office Space Tips Inspired by Webs


Today instead of showcasing an example site we are going to switch things up for a week and offer you something different. Have you ever wondered what the Web office looked like? Well if you’ve seen our , you’ll probably note that the Webs team functions in a very unique environment. The company culture is open, fun, and engaging and our office space definitely reflects these elements. We wanted to offer some tips for small business office spaces based on what we’ve learned works well in ours.

Lighting & Huge Windows

One of our favorite things about the office is that we have great big windows. These windows provide us with two great things: natural light and a view. Research has shown that natural lighting helps to improve for employee productivity. It not only lightens up the room, but is great for keeping people from feeling sluggish.

If you are on the market for a new office space, consider renting one with huge glass windows. Not only will your employee love the view, but they’ll certainly be more productive for you and your company. If you already have an office, consider incorporating more lighting throughout the space. Fluorescent lights have often been presented as the next best option to natural lighting.

Focal Wall

The first thing that greets Webs employees when they walk into the office is a focal wall. The wall features several fun Webs elements. There is a screen that shows a slideshow of testimonials from happy customers, reminding the employees what a great job they’re doing. We also show off a few the awards and honors Webs has received over the years. But perhaps the best part of this area is the mural of cartoon versions of all the employees. New visitors know that they are visiting Webs, and not just another tech company.

Consider taking one wall of your office and personalize it for your company. It will help with brand recognition and make your office seem more established. Paint the wall a different hue than all the others, and use it to show off your company or employee accomplishments. This wall can be fun and add character to the office. It’s also great for branding, and distinguishing your office and company from others.

Open Floor Plan

If you come to our office, there are no cubicles that are typical of IT companies. Instead, we’ve created an open floor plan that allows employees to easily float around. Rather than being trapped in a small area with no other visages of human life, they are able to engage and interact with their coworkers. While we are grouped by department, the space is designed to allow someone from marketing to easily reach out to someone in customer support. Our employees take advantage of the floor plan to balance privacy with interaction.

If you have been considering redesigning your office for a while, consider creating an open office environment. There is a nice flow that is a created, allowing people from the entire company to easily work on projects together. The open space will also result in more creativity from your employees.

Breakout Areas

Another one of the great features of our office is our breakout areas. It’s not only a relaxing place to enjoy our lunches, but also an area to have informal meetings. Just having a casual space where people can convene is great for encouraging collaboration and relationship building. Ours is outfitted with comfy couches and a coffee table full of candy.

Consider setting aside a space in your office with lounge-like atmosphere to encourage collaboration.

We hope you enjoyed this little tidbit of behind-the-scenes information about how Webs operates. Feel free to leave a comment below if you like our office, or if you have any tips you want to share from your company.

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