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Are Your Facebook Impressions Plummeting?


For our Webs users who use Facebook for their business (and if you aren’t, you should be): Facebook recently announced sweeping changes that are going to affect the way you communicate with your fans. The biggest and first change you’ll probably notice is that your number of Facebook impressions may be going down. Why? Because—as many users say—Facebook is “too fast.”

This means that your content is still making it to your fans’ streams but so is everyone else’s content. Most likely your posts are being quickly pushed down in news feeds by their friends’ posts about football and baby photos. Now it’s more important than ever to come up with a social strategy that emphasizes engagement.

You can do this is by giving your fans a reason to visit your page. Engage your fans:

Engage With Fans

  • Allow them to post on your wall, and take time out to answer their questions and accept both compliments and complaints with style.
  • Posting polls about business decisions—like what to name your next product or what your winter hours should be—is a great way to establish “two-way” communication with your fan base.

The more conversations that are on your wall, the more often your brand shows up in your fans’ timelines and news tickers, which keeps your brand in front of your audience. These are just a few no-cost ways to survive the “Facebook revolution of 2011” with a small time commitment.

Another way to engage your fan base is with a customized Facebook page from Pagemodo. Pagemodo gives your business templates and tools for creating stylish Facebook pages that let you engage fans with videos, coupons, maps and more. Check out .

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