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Example Site Wednesday: Bill Greenwood


Today we would like to use our example site to show how a website can be used to put your best foot forward.  put together a simple, clean and easy to navigate website that displays his abilities, past work and feedback from satisfied customers. Take a look for yourself:


Looking to create your own personal portfolio website? Here’re a few tips to help you get started:

  1. Brand yourself – it is important for any organization to create a strong brand image. For a portfolio website, this can be achieved by clearly displaying your name. In this example,  Bill used his name as the website’s title and his picture as his logo.  If you have a tagline that describes your philosophy, it is also a good idea to add this to your portfolio page to give more depth and personality to the website.
  2. Display your portfolio – People that come to your portfolio site are most interested in what you have to offer. Proudly display your previous work. Make sure to use high-quality images that can be easily accessible. Don’t require visitors to register in order to see your images if you are looking for new clients, as required registration can be a deterrent.  You can always utilize the Photo Gallery app to make the creation and displaying of your portfolio a simple task.
  3. Showcase services – If you specialize in several areas, say so! . Don’t make the assumption that visitors will be able to figure out what you offer from images alone.  Provide a clear list of all available services on your site’s homepage.
  4. About me – Don’t leave out this vital section. People want to work with someone who they feel is approachable. Utilize this section of your website to provide background information on what makes you unique.  Some ideas for what you can put on this page include:
    1. Share how you grew up and how this influenced the person that you are today.
    2. Do you have a unique outlook/approach to how you work?
    3. Do you have any awards & recognitions? Show them off. Don’t hesitate to display how good you are.
  5. Contact – After putting a lot of work into your website, don’t forget to provide visitors with an easy way to reach you. One way to achieve this is by installing the ContactMe app to your website.

Do you have a portfolio website that meets these criteria? Leave a link below and you never know…next week we could be showcasing your site!

Until next time,

Happy Site Building.

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