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Example Site Wednesday: The Silver Door + Logo Design Tips


Happy Example Site Wednesday everybody! By now you all know that every week on Wednesday we showcase an example site that we feel stands above the rest. This week we are showcasing , a specialist consultancy company for the Hospitality industry. Their website is clean, well organized and professional. Take a look for yourself:

In addition to having an easy to browse website, the owner has created brand identity for their business by adding a logo to the header section of the website.

 If you are looking to create your own website logo, here are a few website logo design tips:

    1. Research First – Prior to deciding which direction your logo should go in, find out what your competitors are doing and what is common in your industry. Remember the goal of a logo is to create a brand image that helps you stand apart from your competitors. Quick tip: Your logo doesn’t have to communicate exactly what your company does but should communicate who you are.  Some of today’s best known logos do not show what the company does, but rather who they are:

      (Source: )

    2. Keep it Simple – Once you have decided upon the direction of your new logo, try to create a couple of sketches of your ideas. The goal is to come up with the simplest design that can be easy for your website visitors to remember. Plus a simple logo is much easier to resize. Remember your logo is your identity and should be displayed on all your marketing memorabilia: website, print brochures, business cards, etc.

      “A good logo is describable, effective without color, memorable & scalable”

      ~ David Airey

    3. Review – Once you have chosen your favorite sketch, test it out. Show your new logo idea to couple people that fall within the target audience whom your business/service targets. See if the ideas you hoped to convey, match their perception. In addition, remember your logo ideas should match your company’s spirit and should be appropriate for your anticipated target audience.
    4. Select Your Color – Don’t worry about selecting the color of your logo until you feel confident the correct design has been selected. Select the color of your logo based on the image and feelings you wish to convey. Do some research into colors – some colors make people angry, some make people relaxed, some even make people hungry. Remember that the color you choose for your logo, should be used throughout the entire design of your website and other marketing materials in order to build your brand identity, so make it one you can live with. Doing so will provide a uniformed and professional look.

Not sure about how to start your research and sketching process? Check –out an app from that makes it super easy for you to create the logo you need for your website.

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