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I Built My Website – Now What? 5 Tips for Marketing Your Website


How to market/promote your new website

So you followed all the advice and created a website for your business, now you are wondering how it will generate more leads.  Like any great business resource your website won’t work magic on its own, it requires care and feeding. Creating a small business website is only the beginning.

5 Tips for Marketing Your Website:

1. Get Visible

Optimizing your site is the best way of letting search engines know what you are all about, and the best way to get them to send you relevant traffic which means more customers.

What is website optimization? It is the process of designing your website pages to show up high in search engine results.  The key to a successful optimization is to be specific. For example, if your business is Betty’s Yummy Bakery and you sell the best Vegan Cupcakes in town, you want to optimize around vegan and cupcake related keywords, not generic terms such as Betty’s Yummy Bakery.  Remember, there may be a lot of yummy bakeries in town, but yours is the only one with vegan deliciousness.

The more you use keywords to target the exact products or services you offer, the more you will stand out from the crowd of other websites and that is how to start attracting new customers.

2. Get Listed

Submit your site to search engines. This can be a tedious and time-consuming process, but you only need to do it once. If you are pressed for time, and who isn’t, there are a number of free search engine submission tools that will help get the job done. There are also paid services, but most of the time you can get what you need from a good free service. Just make sure all the major search engines (Google, Bing, Yahoo) are included.

To get started, you can learn how to submit your site to search engines here:

3. Get Found

More people are searching for location based searches and are even launching their search from sites such as Google Maps. If you have a physical location, it is imperative that you show up in local search to get more customers. Add images of both the outside and inside of your store. Make sure that you post your hours and a link to your website. The more information you provide, the easier you make it for customers to find you. If you are a service provider, have a mobile business or work at home, you can define your service area and hide your physical address. That way, your business will come up in the results for searches in your service area.

4. Get Reviewed

Customers make purchasing decisions in the blink of an eye, and often do so based on what other customers have to say about your business or service. Ask your best customers to review your business online. Respond quickly and professionally to any negative reviews or problems posted by customers. You may have a great reputation in the community; however, you need to build that reputation online as well to attract new customers.

One way to get reviewed is by making sure your website is listed on sites such as Yelp, Angie’s List and similar sites for your niche business. Also, don’t forget to provide a simple way for your clients to leave testimonials directly on your website by adding the .

5. Get Seen

YouTube is the second largest search engine in the world and it can be a great way to attract new customers. Executed properly, YouTube offers a great opportunity to let your business stand out from the crowd by creating videos dedicated to the products/services you offer. Quick tip: your video needs to reflect your business and what is unique about it. Video is an opportunity to showcase what you know or highlight the special properties of the product or service you are selling.

Finding new customers can be easier than you think, especially  if you do everything you can to promote your small business and make it easy for the customers to find you.

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