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Website Review Wednesday: Photography Sites


This week we choose to review a few of the photography sites that requested feedback.  Don’t worry if you do not have a photography website; the tips we are sharing this week holds true for all kinds of sites.

Location, Location, Location.

Once again we are seeing a number of professionally built sites that are missing a key ingredient – Location, Location, Location.

If you were selling cookies on a street and told your friends to come find you, do you think they would be able to without you providing your exact location? The same logic holds true in the online world.  Listing your physical location or area in which you conduct business is a must.

Location helps customers find you in two ways. The first is when customers search online for photography services in their area. Did you know that search engines are now using your location in order to provide you with more relevant results? Thus websites that have location information listed are going to show up higher (first) in search results than those that do not. If you are on the 10th page of results because the search engine doesn’t know where you are, then no one is going to see you and the business opportunity is lost to a local competitor.

The second reason why you should add your location information is for logistical reasons: to help your customers find you once you have booked an appointment. You are great at taking photos, thus most of your time is best spent on taking them. Don’t waste time giving directions if this is something that can easily be automated (for free).

Here’s an example website that can benefit from updating their location information. Velvet Rose Digital Photography provides their physical location via “our location” link on their navigation menu.

This link takes visitors to Google Maps. This link does a good job of providing directions, but doesn’t help much with getting found by search engines. Quick fix suggestions:

  • Add location information to the tagline of the website changing it from “Affordable Professional Photography Services!” to “Affordable Professional Photography Services in Muskegon, MI”
  • Consider updating “Our Location” page to use the that can help you to quickly provide not only your physical location, but also directions to your site visitors without taking them off to Google Maps. Best part, this app is 100% free!

Showcase Your Skills

Photography sites are created to display the portfolio of the photographer. Just like with any portfolio website, you want to put your best foot forward. Ultimately your goal should be either to gain recognition and/or book new clients.

To highlight your work, try adding a single amazing image to your home page. A great example of this can be found on . Check it out:

Quick tip: Think of your website as you do of a great photograph. A great photo requires the right combination of positive and negative space. It shouldn’t appear too crowded or cluttered. The same principles hold true for your website. Make sure that your personality shines through, especially on your home page and about me page.

Additionally, remember to select the best photos that showcase your skills. Each and every photo on your site should be amazing. After all, you are selling your ability to take beautiful photographs and your website should only showcase your very best.

Until Next time,

Happy Site Building!

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