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How to Add a Carousel Slideshow to Your Website Using SiteBuilder3


If you have ever wanted to add a rotating slideshow of images along the top of your website, now you can! It’s easier than ever to add an image carousel using .

How to Get Started:

  1. Click on the “Page Settings” menu and select “Change Page Layout” option.
  2. Select a page layout that supports “The Carousel” banner and click “Save Layout”. You can choose from 3 layout types that support the carousel slideshow. They are: “Banner”, “Banner/Left Sidebar” and “Banner/Right Sidebar”.
  3. Once you selected your page layout, an empty carousel will appear in the banner area of your page layout with an option to “Double Click” to start editing it.

Adding images to the carousel slideshow is as simple as double-clicking and selecting imagery from uploaded images, free images available via Flickr, or uploading new once. If you are not sure how to add images, please review the following article on .

Carousel Options

It is important to note that your carousel slideshow will come with a toolbar displayed along the bottom that controls how the carousel looks and plays. Going from left to right:

  • The blue, numbered buttons allow you to view through the images you’ve added to your carousel.
  • The plus button allows you add more images.
  • The red trashcan button allows you to remove an image from the carousel.
  • The slider menu allows you to adjust the image by zooming-in and out.
  • You can add text and titles above the images you upload and then choose to either display them or not using the Text & Title on and off switches. When you’re editing text or titles, a text-formatting toolbar will appear at the top of the SiteBuilder.
  • The carousel settings button В allows you to control slideshow transition styles and speed, and set auto-play.
    Have you added a carousel to your website? If so, post your page link below for all to see.

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