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5 Tips for Driving Traffic To Your Website With Facebook


At last count, there were on Facebook. And if you have a Facebook Page, chances are some of those users have seen it – and even better – liked it. Now, how many of them have seen your website?

Most small business owners are aware that Facebook is a valuable tool for establishing a brand’s personality and engaging with customers. However, many administrators fall short of the next step of using their Facebook Page to drive traffic back to their main business hub – their website. Here are a few tips for making the most of your marketing efforts on Facebook:

1. Put your website front and center with a custom tab that either directs visitors to your website, or showcases your site right there in Facebook. (See )

2. Be sure your web address is included in your “About” information. Social Media expert Andrea Vahl also suggests making your website’s URL the first thing in the description of your company, since only a limited (and ever-changing) number of characters in this field are displayed under your cover photo.

3. Make the most of your Cover Photo. This expansive image, added when Facebook adopted the Timeline format, is a great place to reinforce your brand. В While Facebook frowns on inputting your web address in this space, it is the perfect place for your logo, tagline if you have one, and imagery that showcases what you’re all about. Not a graphic designer? Try Pagemodo’s new to create a striking image for free with just a few clicks.

4. Get creative with content. One of the most effective ways to drive people from Facebook to your business website is with great, shareable content. Whether it’s posts from your blog, or links to specific products or services you offer. Not only will your fans be prompted to visit your website, they’ll also be able to share your information with their network.

5. Finally, consider creating special offers only available on Facebook. In addition to offering a great incentive for your fans to visit your website, it will also give them the feeling that they’re part of an exclusive community and ensure that they will stay part of your loyal fan base. app is a great tool for this.

Final tip: Check out the great feature available to page admins. You can use the interaction metrics to judge how effective the posts promoting your website have been!

How have you used your Facebook Page as a traffic source for your website? What kind of success have you had?

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