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Why You Should Spend That Precious Time On Social Media


When faced with the ever-growing list of social media sites, it’s sometimes tempting to turn tail and run. But the latest research suggests that it’s much better to maintain an active presence on just a few leading sites than to walk away from social media entirely.

A on Vistaprint’s Microbusiness Perspectives blog details three key reasons why small businesses should invest in social media. In brief, they are:

- Relationships
- A Real-Time Scorecard
- User Demographics

In addition to these benefits, another major motivator for establishing social media profiles is emerging: SEO. Most business owners are well aware of the importance of search engine optimization, as organic search results continue to be a major source of leads for many businesses. But what you might not know is that search sites like Google and Bing are now taking your social media presence (or lack thereof!) into account. According to , “Google has been and will continue to integrate social media assets into its search algorithm and search engine results pages.”

And while maintaining an active presence is certainly a great start, the next step is to be providing great, engaging content for people on the web to like and share.

“Turns out, search engines take cues from social media activities — like when someone shares content from your website on Twitter, for example — to determine the relevancy and authority of your site. So the more people that “vote” for your content on social media, the better your search engine visibility becomes.” ()

How would you rate your social media presence right now? Have you been hanging back or are you on the cutting edge?

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