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Search Engine Optimization 102: Benefits of SEO


Now that you’re familiar with the concept of SEO and what it does, it’s time to build upon that foundation. Part two of this series aims to show you just how critical SEO is to your online success by discussing its benefits.

If you didn’t get the opportunity to read the first post in this series, , I highly recommend giving it a quick read. It will give you a very basic foundation for what people mean when they use the acronym SEO and why it’s important to your business.

There are loads of benefits in correctly using SEO, but for the sake of your sanity, we’re only going to focus on the things that have the most tangible impact on your

1. An Easy to Find Website
It doesn’t matter if your website focuses on selling a product, spreading an idea, educating the public or a gaining support for a cause—you can’t do this without website visitors. As mentioned earlier in this article, properly executed SEO can move your listing up in the search results, allowing you to reach more people and generate more visitors to your website.

2. Stand Out from Your Competition
As of writing this article, there are over 650 million active websites online. How in the world could you ever hope to stand apart from your competitors? That’s right, SEO. When it comes to SEO, it’s a lot easier to do nothing than to do something. It’s likely that your peers have this same mentality, which means if done right, you have the opportunity to leap frog the competition in your space and claim a top spot.

3. Establish Trust
Google is the number one search engine in the world. Barring a zombie apocalypse that takes down the internet Google will likely remain number one for a long time. As the top search engine in the world, people trust the results Google delivers to their screens. Having your website listed on prominent pages in Google transfers some of that same trust that people have in Google, to your website.

4. Broader Reach
It used to be that the only way you could reach consumers with a product, service, idea or cause was through expensive traditional media. Only companies with mega budgets could ever hope to reach such an audience—my how times have changed. We now live in a world where with enough time and effort, you can reach the same audience with little or no cost. When SEO is properly executed, your website has the potential to reach hundreds of millions or even billions of people, literally opening up a world of opportunity for you.

5. Free Traffic Forever?
Unlike paid advertising when you create something online and apply the principles of SEO, like indelible ink from a fountain pen, it’s there forever. There is no cost. There is no expiration date. With regular maintenance and updates, your website could become an indefinite source of new visitors.

Looking ahead…
The next article in this series will focus on debunking some of the ridiculous SEO myths floating around the web and why you shouldn’t pay them any attention.

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