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Our sponsors
British Petroleum
We express gratitude to the British Petroleum for financial support at the start up of BACK in 2005.
The University of Reading
We are also grateful for sponsorship to the Reading University, where our alumni have received their post-graduate degrees.
How you can help us
Apart from contributing towards our running costs or sponsoring specific events you can help us in many other ways, for example, giving specialist talks, offering internships.
How we can help you
Our sponsors may have a unique opportunity to contact BACK through the network of young UK-educated professionals looking for job or business opportunities. BACK will also ensure visibility of our sponsors at our education, business and social events and support your community outreach efforts.
We are happy to discuss tailor-made options.
If you are interested to discuss these or any other partnership opportunities please contact us.
We acknowledge continuous support of the British Alumni Club Kazakhstan by the British Embassy and the British Council.
our sponsors:
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